Fairy Tale Sculptures

Thumbelina, the one-legged tin soldier and many other fairy tale characters are just waiting for you to find them.

1h - 2h


St. Canute's Cathedral

What is this tour about?

It is no surprise, in Odense we are very proud of the famous writer, who took his first steps in our city. All around the streets of Odense, you will find small tokens or large sculptures depicting characters or scenes from his fairy tales. Odense is after all the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen.

Go for a stroll in the parks, streets and alleys; you will find anything from Thumbelina and the one-legged tin soldier to monuments in the writer’s honour. This tour will, if you find them all, take you through the city and past several of the city’s larger attractions.

Remember to look around you along the way. Perhaps you will find the traffic light with Hans Christian Andersen. We have a feeling it will be close to the Seahorse. ;)

This is created by a StoryHunt Partner.

How does it work?

The web app tracks your location and guides you through the city.

When you are within 20 meters of a story, unlock it to reveal its content.

Enjoy the tales of your surroundings. Don't forget your headphones.

We support the great group experience, so bring along your friends.

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