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Explore the Historic Aalborg

Follow in the footsteps of Marie the maid who will take you on a city walk around Aalborg.

2 hrs - 3 hrs



Old City Hall

Explore the Historic Aalborg cover image.Explore the Historic Aalborg cover image.

What is this tour about?

Welcome to the historic Aalborg. Follow in the footsteps of Marie, who takes you on a city walk around Aalborg. The time has been turned 400 years back to the beginning of 17th century, when Aalborg, with its 5.000 inhabitants, was the second largest city in Denmark and an active commercial centre.

Look forward to a mix of historical facts, tall stories and theatre produced by Det Hem'lige Teater. This tour will give you an insight into the history of Aalborg in an alternative and interesting way.

Enjoy your city tour!

This tour is made in StoryHunt Creator.

Image from the tour.Image from the tour.

How does it work?

The StoryHunt app uses your location to guide you between stories.

The tour starts at Old City Hall and follows a predefined route between 20 stories.

When you are close to a story you can unlock it to reveal its content.

This is an audio tour so bring your headphones.

Image from the tour.Image from the tour.

Sneak peek

Below you can hear a sneak peek before you go on a adventure with Marie the maid.

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