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People walking in Copenhagen among stories - illustrated as flying padlocks.

Create interactive experiences

By becoming a Storyhunt partner you can create interactive experiences that your audience will love. Produce tours using StoryHunt Studio or have us make a StoryHunt Original for you.

Laptop showing StoryHunt Studio on its screen.

Why StoryHunt?

A progressive product

With StoryHunt you can reach the modern consumer who demand high-end experiences when they want.

Strengthen supply chains

Engage with your partners and create rich experiences by combining storytelling, food, drinks, activities and accomodation.

Make money

Increase your income by selling tours and packages through StoryHunt. We take care of the technical stuff.

Man from behind standing in front of Christiansborg.

What do our partners say?

Michael Ryan Andersen, Head of Division, Internationalisation & Sustainability at Copenhagen Visitor Service

Michael Ryan Andersen, Head of Division, Internationalisation & Sustainability at Copenhagen Visitor Service

“We use StoryHunt Studio for our digital guest service solutions, because we are always guaranteed good service and a joint idea development, which leads to solutions with high technical reliability that match our guests' needs.“


Guided experiences

Create tours that guide the user past a number of geographical points, each holding a story.

Treasure hunts

Create a game-like experience where the user have to answer questions correctly in order to get to the next point.

Themed Collections

Create a collection of points that the user can visit in any order they like. Themed Collections are excellent to guide users in larger areas.

All formats

Create content through a combination of different media. Text, video, images, sound or 3D-sound? You decide!

Live statistics

Explore live statistics in StoryHunt Studio and understand your users' behavior. Observe which products are popular and recognize what your audience wants.

Complete payment system

Make use of our integrated payment system to earn money from your tours. In StoryHunt Studio you can access statistics and detailed information on transactions.

Works on all smartphones

Your users can access all tours on their smartphone in the StoryHunt app or through the browser. Our platform supports iOS and Android.

Live directions

Give your users live directions to your tours and between stories. We support walking, biking, driving and public transportation (in Denmark).


Add a quiz to your tours and provide users with a layer of gamification. Utilize the integrated reward system to boost motivation.

Evening in Copenhagen. A man walking home down a narrow street.

Contact us

Do you want to know more about what you can achieve with StoryHunt Studio or talk about the possibility of a collaboration? Then contact our Chief Commercial Officer, Yassin, by e-mail or phone.

CCO Yassin Achiban.