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A woman looking out over Nyhavn, floating padlocks in the air.A woman looking out over Nyhavn, floating padlocks in the air.

For all types of storytellers

StoryHunt Creator is free to use, with premium features for professional storytellers and enterprises.

An animated woman wearing headphones.


Create tours, treasure hunts, quizzes or collections and share them with friends, family or the world.

An animated man and woman talking to each other over a microphone.


For the professional storyteller or tour guide, who wants to understand their audience and sell their tours.

An corporate animated building next to a tree.


For larger organizations like visitor centers, hotels and tourist agencies. Understand your guests and create elaborate story driven experiences.

Your stories come to life

Whatever you feel like sharing, StoryHunt Creator makes it easy.

Map out your story

Add points of interest to a map and a route will be generated for you.

Tell your story

Tell your story where it happened, through audio, video, images and text.

Phone with three speech bubbles coming out of it, containing a speaker, a photo and a video camera.
A laptop next to a phone, both showing a StoryHunt tour.

Share your story

Publish your story for friends, family or the world to experience.


All formats

Create content through a combination of different media. Text, video, images, sound or 3D-sound? You decide!

Live statistics (premium)

Explore live statistics in StoryHunt Creator and understand your users' behavior. Observe which products are popular and recognize what your audience wants.

Payment system (premium)

Make use of our integrated payment system to earn money from your tours. In StoryHunt Studio you can access statistics and detailed information on transactions.


Add a quiz to your tours and provide users with a layer of gamification. Utilize the integrated reward system to boost motivation.

Works on all smartphones

Your users can access all tours on their smartphone in the StoryHunt app or through the browser. Our platform supports iOS and Android.

Live directions

Give your users live directions to your tours and between stories. We support walking, biking, driving and public transportation (in Denmark).

A grid of all StoryHunt tours.

Get started

Make your own guided tours with StoryHunt Creator and share them with the world.