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Copenhagen in daylight with people biking and walking.Copenhagen in daylight with people biking and walking.

Meet StoryHunt

The vision behind StoryHunt is to create a platform for active entertainment that will bring us closer together and broaden our perspective. So why do we think this is so important?

StoryHunt values

Active entertainment

We believe that entertainment can motivate us to get up from the couch. It has never been this easy to be entertained; in today's world, streaming services, gaming, and tons of screens ensure that we are never bored. The downside is that we become passive. Both physically and mentally. This is why StoryHunt is about moving out into the world and become an active part of the entertainment. Our concept simply requires you move around to specific locations, in order to unlock the stories they hold.


We believe that moments are best when shared. That is why our platform encourages interaction and dialogue. All StoryHunts include natural pauses with room for reflecting together. Furthermore, we are constantly working on new ways to make the experience even more social. And if you just want some time for yourself? Then go StoryHunt solo – that is a great experience too.

New perspectives

We believe the best entertainment to be one that allows you to learn. Facts are fine, but our experience tells us, that we incorporate those facts better when we can relate it to human wants, needs, and challenges. That is why we use storytelling to pass on facts and to challenge the status quo. We do this to foster new perspectives and broaden our users knowledge.

Canal tour in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

Meet the team

StoryHunt is a team of passionate individuals with a devotion for storytelling and interactive experiences.

CEO Mathias Mølgaard.

Mathias Mølgaard

CTO Louis Amhild.

Louis Amhild

CCO Yassin Achiban.

Yassin Achiban

Full Stack Developer Thea Birk Berger.

Thea Birk Berger
Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer Flemming Westberg.

Flemming Westberg
Full Stack Developer

UI Designer Nina Friis.

Nina Friis
UI Designer

Senior UX Designer Anders Hansen.

Anders Hansen
Senior UX Designer

Senior Full Stack Developer Jeppe Enslev.

Jeppe Enslev
Senior Full Stack Developer